What’s in a sign?

Wood effect hoarding with trough light

We often take outdoor signage and hoarding for granted.

A sign can be a simple way-finder or pointer, keeping us on the right track, providing clear directions.

Or a sign can be a head-turner – a glorious, large format, eye-catching vision to draw the gaze and engage the emotions.  It can double as a billboard, a projection of your brand and key marketing messages.

Signage and hoarding can mask and shield or it can showcase a vision – or do both at the same time.  It can capture your brand and so, writ large in the sky, it needs to resonate with everything that your brand stands for too.

And it really matters not just how it looks and what it says, but what height it’s at, what size it is, what it’s made of and how securely it’s installed – even where it is, in your eyeline or deliberately peripheral, to ensure maximum impact.

That’s the business we’re in – it’s not about printing nicely-designed PVC banners and flags, or panels of Foamex or ACM (aluminium composite, often known as DiBond) – we’re about helping you engage powerfully with your customer, projecting your brand and ultimately, providing you with disproportionate impact.

At City and County Graphics, experience, expertise and attention to detail all combine to give your signage and hoarding the biggest bang for your buck.

Canalside Paddington
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