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Clients First, Safety Always

The HighSite Advantage

HighSite provides surveyors, site managers, construction teams and their Directors with exceptional aerial insight. Even better, it’s provided without you, your teams or the Board having to leave their desks, reducing travel time, hassle and cost.

Not only that, but with greater and broader perspective, detailed images in high definition and no need to have staff working at a height and in dangerous scenarios, (significantly improving Health and Safety), the benefits to you are multiplied.


DJI Drone close up

Why HighSite?

City & County Graphics, known to house-builders nationwide for signage, hoarding graphics and marketing suites, now offer an aerial survey service, HighSite. The fleet of intelligent drones comes from market-leader DJI and is fully insured, fully accredited and can fly in almost all weathers.

HighSite have a Permission for Commercial Operations licence from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) so that we are cleared to help surveyors and developers understand their land and construction processes in far greater detail than has been possible before.

Progress that benefits you

The progress made in drone technology (known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAS) has opened new doors for construction and marketing alike. The ability to survey a whole site from the air and then to repeat exactly the same survey the following week enables progress to be measured, shared and discussed in a fast, cost-effective and safe manner from anywhere in the world. Locating potential health and safety issues, keeping track of plant and materials and filming exciting marketing material are all additional benefits.

Having made the right investment in airframes and lenses, we offer a wider range of surveys. We can fly in inclement weather, can zoom in from a safe distance and can provide both video footage and still photography in stunning high-definition for brilliant images and exceptional insight.

HighSite gives you the ability to study structures (old and new) and landscapes safely, to maximise land use, to record construction progress, to create imaginative marketing fotage and all without helicopters, scaffold, cranes or hot air balloons (or people working precariously!).

Drone propeller
Drone camera equipment

Our Equipment

HighSite has invested in a fleet of specialist drones from DJI, the world’s leading provider of UAVs, fitted with a range of lenses to provide high quality video footage and photographs.

Our smallest compact drone is easy to deploy and light to carry yet takes 4K photography and has all the safety features incorporated in the whole fleet.  The largest airframe we fly has multiple cameras, a remarkable 180x zoom (30x optical, 6x digital) for outstanding close-ups and can fly in inclement weather that would keep most drones grounded.

Within the fleet we have the perfect drone for every type of aerial survey and our pilots are fully trained with certification from the CAA.

All of our aircraft feature a range of safety measures including Collision Avoidance, Automatic Return To Home, Data Loss prevention, Battery Condition monitoring and more besides to give you the best, most hassle-free service and ultimately, brilliant pictures and invaluable new information.

To find out more and for a free quotation, just get in touch below.

“For over 2 years, City and County Graphics have been quick to react and reliable with apt technical insight, experience, high quality production and personalised customer service. Each project undertaken is discussed and met with enthusiasm and professionalism.”

Emily Burns from Croudace Homes

“Thank you for all your efforts leading up to the Launch of St Josephs Gate, Mill Hill. It’s been incredibly fast-paced but all your efforts have paid off.”

Ali Noble | Marketing Manager Berkeley Homes

“Once more you’ve worked a miracle. Our clients are pretty demanding and it’s good to work with a supplier that can deliver on time, on budget and without incident!”

Alan Chambers

“We would like to express our gratitude to yourself and the teams that worked so hard yesterday on both Wye Dene and Kennet Island until very late.”

Georgiana Dumitru | Marketing Manager

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